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Demographic Information

This information is used for the following purposes:
1) Some shops, such as a clothing store for tall men, can only be offered to certain evaluators. If a field is not marked as required, you will receive more shop offers if you fill it out accurately.
2) To report to our clients the quality of service that you (and persons like you) are receiving

General Information

Payment Information

Please enter your PayPal email to receive payment. Note: payment is tendered upon completion, review and acceptance of a successful shop. Not following shop directions or submitting erroneous work may result in payment delay or forfeiture

Area Codes

Area Codes are sometimes used to distribute shop offers. The more area codes you list, the more shops you may be offered.

Zip Codes are sometimes used to distribute shop offers. You may be offered more shops if you provide a wider range of geographical coverage

Please enter a radius number in miles from your zip code that you are willing to conduct shops or assignments

Narrative Assessment

Please provide an objective written narrative in the style and format you would submit along with a mystery shop evaluation of the last time you went to a restaurant, store or attraction

SSN / Tax ID (EIN)

Your SSN will be transmitted in encrypted format across the industry standard Secure Socket Layer. For additional security, your SSN will be stored in encrypted format in our database. Finally, only specifically authorized personnel at CX Orlando are granted viewing access to your SSN for billing and identity verification purposes. This system verifies your Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID number (also known as Employer ID Number or EIN) against your name. After you enter or update your data, your information gets checked against the IRS database - depending on circumstances, this can take place as soon as instantly or as long as 3 to 7 business days for SSNs. Tax IDs can take up to 14 days or more. Until your information has been verified, your account may have certain restrictions (for instance, you may be allowed to perform shops without a verified SSN/Tax ID, but will have to enter an SSN/Tax ID to get paid). If your account name is not your legal name (as known to the IRS), you may enter a legal name separately in this section. An administrator may need to approve the use of your legal name before you gain full rights on your account. If you have a valid reason for not having an SSN or Tax ID, you may also enter it here. An administrator may need to approve your reasons before you gain full rights on your account.

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